Hey guys! I’m Tayla. I’m 19 (turning 20 in May!) and am a full – time student studying a Nursing degree at The University of Notre Dame in Sydney.

So, I guess i had this crazy idea one night to start up a blog because i am just way too obsessed with sharing all my travels on my own personal social media. SO… i thought, why not create a space where all of my adventures can be shared with like-minded, curious and fellow jet-setters? – Perf! So here is @tightaresetravel

I thought the name for this blog was very fitting, as i am so obsessed with what i spend my money on and i have this crazy addiction for saving my MONEY! (and being a tight arse).

As the saying goes: “Money can’t buy happiness” – But it can buy a return flight overseas and that’s even better!

So, this full-forced travel addiction started when i went overseas as a 17 year-old to visit Tanzania in Africa in 2015. Spending 3 weeks with some of my best friends in one of the poorest countries in the world was one of the most enriching and eye-opening experiences i’ve ever had. Staying in the slums of Arusha, Tanzania was definitely a few steps outside of a Sydney-Siders comfort zone, and at the time i wished i was in my own comfortable queen-sized bed. – Jumping on my flight back home, i had a real gut feeling that this trip would have been only the beginning of a lifetime full of travel and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. (I am still yet to go back to Tanzania and summit Mount Kilimanjaro).

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of growing up with a great support network with two little sisters, my parents, extended family, a few certain friends that i’ll keep for life and an amazing boyfriend that has my back no matter what. These people have shaped the person i’ve become today and i am ever so grateful for the impact they’ve had on the way i see the world.

Long story-short, i caught the travel bug at a young age and will do everything and anything in my power to see the world as much as i can. Ill put all my energy into providing you guys with helpful hints regarding travel, food and drink, tours, activities, staying healthy overseas, money tips and loads more.

Can’t wait to share more… 

T x