Your trips booked!… But the bank is empty. Simple money tricks for young and broke travellers!

Honestly don’t panic….

I distinctly remember booking my first trip away and just forking out a few thousand dollars towards return flights about 9 months before we left.

Nightmare, I know, for a drowning uni student barely spending a cent of her fortnightly wage, all that money GONE, just like that.

But never the less, once flights are booked all you have to do is work your little butt off and count down the days till you leave! It feels like your starting from scratch, which you are. Every cent dollar you earn in the “post-booking” stage of your trip is a cent closer towards that jug of Sangria in Spain.


You’ll have so many thoughts and dreams about you adventure that lays ahead but in the time being, HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO SAVE MORE MONEY? It will feel like a never -ending battle…


You make it fun (ish)



For most young people, booking a trip with you best mates is one of the highlights of the year, so put in the hard yards together and make saving money an experience in itself.


  1. Work with friends… Try and roster on with people you enjoy working with – this makes your shift fly! Even if this means working all weekend, late nights, and early mornings or longs days. In the long run those shifts will totally pay off $$$ (literally).
  2. Make socializing Cheap… Instead of meeting up on a Friday night at the pub after Uni or work, organise to hang out at someone’s house. Order cheap pizza and kickback and watch movies all night. I can guarantee you the night’s I stayed home and did nothing were the nights I didn’t regret. (Unless your drunken friends ring you begging you to come out and in this case sometimes you just have to succumb to peer pressure and go out and enjoy yourself).
  3. AVOID NIGHTCLUBS … at all costs. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Sunday morning checking your bank account to see you spend $100.00 on tequila shots. Nightclub entrance fee’s are also a big JOKE, unless you can work your magic and somehow get free entry or win tickets – there’s literally no point paying to go in. – I mean, is a $20.00 entrance fee really worth it when that money could have gone towards a nice lunch in front of the Eiffel tower? – Didn’t think so 🙂
  4. Pre- Drinking… Realistically speaking, young people like yourself are going to want to go out drinking with friends. It’s a cultural norm that is unavoidable as a youth in society today. So allocating a certain amount of money towards ‘socialising’ is a good thing! I don’t condone binge drinking at all – BUT having said that, pre-drinking does save you quite a bit of money from time to time. So treat yourself to that 6 pack of Apple ciders.
  5. Take advantage of those student discounts21392512_1585334258207337_833938413_o
  6. Create a jar!… An old school money-box was one of the most valuable presents I’ve received. It felt way better and more rewarding physically putting money into a jar and hearing the clinking of coins. Transferring money from one account to another on your iPhone or tablet is obviously the normal way of banking now, but is definitely not as authentic and exciting as having real money piling up in a jar on your bedside table!
  7. EAT AT HOME BEFORE YOU GO OUT …Food is the number one killer of money, its waaay to easy to spend money of food! Make a sandwich before you walk out the door. Bring your lunch to work/uni, spending 5-10$ a day on lunch works out to be roughly 25 – 50$ a week, convert that onto a larger scale and well… there’s a lot of money gone. THE SAME GOES FOR COFFEES!
  8. Savings Plan… Totally up to personal preference with this one, but make sure you put together a savings plan and allocate where your money goes once you get paid and watch your money grow!
  9. Treat your self… Saving money is important, but so is actually spending your hard-earned money! Don’t forget to spend some one yourself from time-to-time, maybe a new pair of shoes or just a nice dinner out with someone special?
  10. Scrap the over-priced gym membership… Encourage your friends to come do things together that don’t cost money. I’d always meet up with a friend for a run with my dog, not only does this keep you (and your dog) healthy and moving but is also a way of catching up with a friend with no cost at all. Gym memberships can be a huge burden on your $$ situation… so get outdoors and get your heart pumping FOR FREE.



Whatever you decide to spend your money, make sure its worth it and you wont regret it! Because before you know it, your trip will come around and you’ll think twice about those pointless things you spent money on!

I am one to make silly purchases here and there don’t get me wrong, but ALWAYS track your money, be aware of whats going in and out of your account and keep working towards your desired goal so your ready to take off and splurge in your desired destination.



As I said, get your mates together and be stingy as a group. Tough it out, maybe even pick up a second job! Totally up to you and how motivated you are in saving a certain amount of money, but having a support network along the way will help you out A LOT! – Don’t lose focus of your goal! 



T x



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