Tight – arse Tayla

A tight arse, otherwise known as being ‘stingy’ or cheap… I totally get called this on a weekly basis for keeping my wallet zipped tight or not having kept with the times and updating myself with ‘PayPass’.

I thought i should take the time now to introduce myself and how i am currently battling this non-curable virus called “the travel bug”, and attempting to manage my crazy addiction of Wanderlust while studying as a full-time nursing student.

My Name is Tayla and I love my tight-arse self. Even when I do get judged at rush hour at a bustling Darlinghurst coffee shop when I still swipe instead of quickly ‘Tap and Go’ like every other ‘late –for-work’ city-goer.

It’s a funny joke ill have with the Barista, mocking me in a friendly way about how I need to update my life, yet I still am not convinced to convert to this futuristic way of living!

Some see this as being “stingy”, but I see it as prioritising and ‘adventure funding’. I will sacrifice nights out with friends, decline lunch or dinner invites, say NO to an $8.50 smoothie, but will somehow manage to succumb to purchasing an expensive music festival ticket – don’t ask me why, I have a crazy obsession for the vibes.

Anyways… Apart from having a PayPal meltdown each morning, the story behind my ‘tight arse’ lifestyle is completely and utterly because I live on this desire to save money.

Don’t get me wrong – I totally treat myself from time to time and will spontaneously fork out money on the most RANDOM items/experiences, which make working at a Dog Grooming Salon more worth it. – i mean whats the point in working if you don’t spend it?


I recently came back off the trip of a lifetime with my Boyfriend Nick and our good friend Riley after 5 weeks of exploring the wonders of Europe. A very stereotypical holiday destination for people our age (19-25’s) but defiantly a highly recommended part of the world to visit while your young and full of life.

I’ve only ever travelled international with my family and taking for granted the luxuries that come with your parents paying for everything and having everything pre-organised!!

…This triggers a comment id love to voice which is NEVER settle for cheap/unreliable/unsafe accommodation –it’ll come back to bite you later on.

Ngoro Ngoro National Park, Tanzania

I’ve never had the experience of venturing into such unique cities as a young woman, having always stuck to the typical family destinations – completely within my comfort zone. It really opens your eyes to see that buffet breakfasts at 4 star resorts in Fiji are definitely not the same as a budget hostel breakfast in Amsterdam, consisting of Luke warm yogurt and sweaty cheese. – Ah the joys of a budget

I could seriously blab on for hours about this hunger for travel, but I thought id better wrap it up by saying…

WELCOME to my space. This is me, and my hungry, daydreaming, tight-arse self and I can’t wait to keep updating you on future endeavours, tips and tricks, saving tips and how to still manage to have a ball on a budget!


T x


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  1. I look forward to following you. By the way, Eastern Europe is made for tight arses!

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